We need to take an honest look at the freedoms demanded by the Libertarian Party.. and the Founding Fathers.

As some may have figured out by now, I have thrown my hat in the ring for the Libertarian Party Presidential nomination for 2016.  While the road is long, I will be doing my best to get that nomination, and to use it to create a real and viable third party alternative to the Republicans and Democrats, both of which have created the mess we currently have.

As I have spoken with people, there seems to be a common theme…  That the Libertarians are out of touch with the needs of the country.  This theme is quite clearly incorrect.

The platform is:

1)  Literally compliant with the constitution

2) Similarly minded as the original authors of the constitution

3) Basically creates a correction of the ball of band-aids that is our structure of laws, and resets the laws and procedures of being an American with the intent of the founding fathers.

Too many of our laws and governmental structure today has to do with controlling the personal actions of the people that affect no one but the person being controlled.  The Democrats want the government to be our parents…  controlling every action we do, trying to protect us from ourselves.  In some cases down to the size of a soda we can order.  The Republicans want us to follow the actions that their religion has taught them, and which make more criminals out of honest citizens.

In essence, together they are making criminals of us all.

Real freedom is exactly what it sounds like…  Do what you want, so long as it does not hurt others… and be willing to accept the consequences of your actions.   Essentially allowing us all to be adults.

Of course there will be those  who will make the statement that someone’s behavior is an abomination.  While according to the religious teachings of that person, that may be their belief.  To another, the behavior in question might just be normal.  While the viewpoints of the judging individual are absolutely the right of that individual, one cannot bring government into the process.  That is strictly forbidden by the first amendment.

We cannot make laws respecting an establishment of religion…

Using the argument that a certain behavior is unacceptable to one’s religious viewpoints should automatically exclude any legislation which prohibits such behavior on religious grounds.

As to other freedoms…  I believe that making things illegal that are wanted by many but hurt no one does nothing to discourage the behavior…  It just promotes crime.

While some behaviors such as illicit drug use are not good for people, the process of making these substances illegal to possess or ingest only creates criminals that have no victims other than themselves, and creates opportunity for actual criminals.

Our country was created to allow its citizens freedom from the Church of England. Perhaps we need to be mindful of this fact and stop trying to recreate the very reason we left England in the first place.

Let our parents have the job of teaching us right from wrong, and how best to live our lives and protect our bodies…  Not the authoritarian government.

Is that so bad?


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