The Republican and Democratic Parties… Both the parties of big business???

Are the major parties pretty much the same, just with different ways of courting their voter base?  

To followers of the Republican Party, their party stands for personal freedom.  (The freedoms that are important to them…)

To Followers of the Democratic Party, their party stands for personal freedom. (the freedoms that are important to them…)

Democrats think that the Republicans are the Party of Big Business.

Republicans think that Democrats are anti-business.

Both parties are actually the party of big business, but support it in different ways.  Republicans outwardly help big business by proposing tax cuts and less regulation, and support no limit of campaign contributions for corporations.  These are transparently beneficial for big business.  What most people are missing is that while Democrats may act as if they are for the people and against the business, this is simply not correct.  the Democrats stealthy support big business by increasing regulation of business.  While this may cost the large businesses more money to keep up with the regulation, regulation actually kills small businesses that do not have the wherewithal to keep up with it.  If you have any doubts regarding the Democrats support of big business, look at the stock markets when a Democrat is in power… That elimination of competition actually helps big business by eliminating small business competition, which may be more cutting edge.

Why would the motivation of government be to assist big business at the detriment of small business and the American Dream?  We can all speculate the answer to this question, but in reality, big business is easier to monitor, control large numbers of people, and support political campaigns.

Some examples of how politicians have tried to look like they are doing something good, but purposely defeat their superficial attempt to help small business?  The SBA is a great example.  The biggest reason for failure of small business is not having access to capital.  So, the SBA is there to help businesses without the ability to be approved for a standard loan, by guaranteeing a portion of the loan in the event the loan is not paid back.  The same government who created this opportunity also created regulatory authority that is so onerous that banks are afraid to make these loans to the businesses that need them, due to intense regulatory scrutiny.

Why cant people see that “Coke  (The Democratic Party)” and “Pepsi (The Republican Party) ” are not what they seem?  Why cant they tell that they really are a blend of the two sodas?

Simple…  Because they play to the knee-jerk reactions of their voter bases.  I have already established that  they both support big business while appearing that there is a difference, and neglecting to highlight that both of their methods which appear very different actually have the same result.  The tricks that they use to accomplish their goals are:

1) Divide and Conquer:  the Conservatives despise the Liberals and the Liberals Despise the Conservatives…  Why?  GREAT MARKETING!!!   Politicians of both major parties make statements that get their base engaged and riled up… and those of the opposing viewpoints are always at fault and must hate America for what they are trying to do…

2) Pandering to their base:  The Democratic party is popular in states with large population density and a more diverse religious environment.  So, this party speaks to the highly educated and the poor, and the minority voters.  The Republican party is popular in more rural states, with a more homogeneous religious environment.  So, this party speaks to the protestant and predominantly Caucasian voters.  They both say what their base wants to hear.

3) Incessant bickering:  Both parties are always investigating an influential member of the opposing party.  Both parties are constantly making non-political issues into political issues, which also plays into solidifying and energizing their voter bases.  The tragedy in which Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman while on a neighborhood watch detail was not political.  After all the coverage and constant attention, it was a main political focus for months.

4) Keeping our eye off the ball:  All of these items are merely distractions, which successfully keep most of us off the real issues that are the true motivation of politicians of both major parties.

Politicians of both major parties have only one real goal…  To get the job and to keep the job. If the population of our country suddenly awoke from the reverie of their opinionated worlds and recognized what is really happening, they might just allow another party to become viable.

That viable third party might just set us all free…  I really hope it happens.  But so long as people continue rooting for their sports team against the competition, this will very difficult to achieve.  I will be keeping my fingers crossed for 2016…


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