How can we as Americans re-unite politically, and end this animosity?

If anyone has not noticed, the political climate in the USA today is pretty sad.   Whoever is currently in power spins the situation to a positive, while whoever is not spins it to a negative.

Look at unemployment statistics…  Following the great recession, as unemployment slowly started to reduce, the Democrats spoke to their genius in dealing with the situation, while the Republicans countered the stats by reminding us all that the unemployment rate was actually higher because so many people simply gave up trying to seek gainful employment.

When it comes to gas prices, when the prices were high around 2010, the Republicans blamed the President and the Democrats blamed the previous President.  Now that the prices have fallen, the Democrats exclaim joy at their brilliant strategy, and the Republicans strongly state that the reduction was due to their policies.

When the housing crisis hit around 2005, the Republicans blamed Clinton because of his push to allow more Americans to own homes, and the banks lent with little care for risk… and the Democrats blamed Bush because it happened on his watch.

These are examples of our political situation today.  Each side believes that they can do no wrong, while the other side can do no right.  Some of the more extreme folks on either side state with conviction that the other side simply hates America.

It is my contention that this is purposeful from the leadership of both the Republican Party and the Democrat Party.  This animosity creates a strong polarization that solidifies their core voting bases, and freezes out third parties that may have a better way of addressing the needs of our nation.

What will it take for this disastrous condition to change?  Hopefully someone gets the attention of American voters that captures their minds and their hearts.  Ross Perot did a tremendous job of that in 1992, when he garnered nearly 19% of the vote for President in that year.

Absent a strong figure emerging to wake us all up, this division will continue, and will probably get worse.  I constantly hear people’s discontent with the major parties, yet when it all comes down to it, they are so fearful of the opposing party gaining office that they have so far been ignoring better options.

I would like to help bring this nation back together.  After all..  We all have the same desires.  We want a secure nation that allows us to follow our dreams and to support an environment that allows each generation to have more opportunity than the previous generation.  We want to be able to have a good quality of life, and choose how we occupy ourselves.

The first step to curing this sad situation is the realization that we are all Americans, and we all want what is best, even though we do not all agree on what really is the best way to deal with our issues.

Career politicians such as Mitch McConnell demonstrated to us all that the system is merely a political game to him when he filibustered his own bill.  Of course, his party defended and spun his actions, because once again, they can do no wrong.

I encourage us all to stand up and open our eyes to what is happening, and to stop the blind “sports team mentality” of the supporters of one political party or another.  Consider what is reasonable and best for us before defending whatever ludicrous actions that your sports team performed today.

Do what is best for you and your country, and try to let go of the party loyalty.

Be loyal to yourself first.


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