The Liberty Movement will prevail!!!

Get ready America!  More than half of all voters now do not identify with either the Republicans or the Democrats!  The Libertarian Party is the fastest growing political party in the USA.  What this means to me is that there is a definite shift toward individual liberty and a solid recognition of the fact that the old parties do not serve anyone but themselves.  A major shift to Libertarianism is real, its now and its happening!

Sure, the major news networks still keep the Libertarian candidates out of the limelight, but I can tell you from personal experience that more and more mass media participants are looking to include Libertarians in their coverage.  I have been contacted by Television producers, major radio networks, international publishers and more to be interviewed and featured in their publications and broadcasts.

Many have agreed that it is time for the Libertarian Party candidates to share the media with the old parties, and that it is their goal to feature additional candidates that have not been featured in previous years.

What this means is that the Libertarian platform and candidates will actually be presented to the American voters.  Once our message is heard by the majority of Americans, they will understand the simplicity and strength of our message.  Our core belief is that it is wrong to hurt others and it is wrong to acquire their belongings without their consent.  This is a principle that is hard to argue with, and relates to the entire goals of the Liberty movement.

I firmly believe that once the blockade of the message of Liberty is removed from mass media, the majority of Americans will identify as Libertarians, and the long road of political mischief and abuse will be redirected toward a finite march toward liberty.  So long Democratic and Republican party domination of the American political system!  Welcome a real path to the American Dream and a more peaceful world.  Welcome a real path to individual choice.  Welcome a real path to the ability for the individual to do what they believe is right for themselves without government intervention.  Welcome a real path to a better nation with true hope for our children and grandchildren.

To all the people who wish for a rebirth of a nation closer to the vision of the forefathers, we are getting close!  All of us have a duty to ourselves and our nation to do one thing…  when we enter the voting booth, ignore your trepidation about not voting for a Republican or a Democrat.  Ignore what you have been told about wanting to vote for who you think will win.  Ignore the fear of what you have been told by the old parties in their quest to retain control.

Think of who you love the most, and how you want to help them by allowing them real choice… real promise..  real liberty.  Vote for the Libertarian candidate every time, because that is the only way your voice will be heard, and a real difference can be made for the one you love to have a chance to live their life the way they really want to live it.  Your vote means everything to the future of the ones you love, and the ones you will love but have not met yet.

If we all follow our hearts and not the programming of the old parties, the best really is yet to come.


There ought to be a law (or regulation)? Are you sure about that?

As Americans, many of us were taught that we are a nation of laws, and that was assumed to be a good thing.  Of course some laws are completely necessary. Taking the property of others without their consent and physically harming others should be against the law.  It has been a long standing mantra that “ignorance of the law is no excuse”

If you ask a lawmaker how many laws currently exist, it is most likely that they do not know.  There are thousands of federal statutes that impose criminal sanctions. There are millions of regulations nationwide which also carry criminal penalties. Does anyone else come to the same conclusion that there is something wrong when almost everyone commits crimes unintentionally simply in the course of making an honest living?

Most laws are born from a good faith intent.  An incident occurs which is viewed by someone as a bad thing, so someone aware of that incident decides to try to make sure that what happened does not happen again.  Our enforcement today is very efficient and very aggressive.  So aggressive that some visitors from other countries such as the UK, France, Canada, Russia, Germany, Japan, Austria, Sweden and more, are warned that visiting the USA requires diligence to avoid prosecution from myriad laws that are strongly enforced, for behaviors that are innocent in their native lands.

We cannot blame law enforcement for doing what we hire them to do.  Sure there are pervasive issues in enforcement due to overzealous individuals, but if we were to think twice about making the law or creating the regulation, that would take care of many of the problems by default.

So with over 1,000,000 regulations in the USA, how is it that ignorance of the law is no excuse?  Is it the outright intent of our government to make small business impossible?  If everything we do in the pursuit of self employment is illegal, does it remove the option of self employment from our people?  What will it take for us all to see the big picture, and the damage we are allowing via our own government?

It has been said that licensing is simply when government removes our right to do something and sells it back to us.  I agree wholeheartedly.  This is a vicious spiral against personal liberty.  Here is a somewhat factual and somewhat fictional example of the pattern created with regulation and licensing:

1)  The State of Texas demands that every computer repair technician in the entire state acquire a private investigator’s license to repair a computer.

2) In order to enforce this requirement, a new enforcement entity is created.

3) A new license is created for computer repair technicians to qualify as private investigators.

4) Definitions are put in place, such as “If you perform certain repairs without a private investigator’s license, or if you have your computer repaired by someone without a license, you can be punished by a $4,000 fine and one year in jail as well as a $10,000 civil penalty.”

5) License revenues are put toward financing the new enforcement division.

6) Fines are paid to that enforcement division.

7) The new enforcement division has enough revenue to hire more enforcers.

8) Enforcement gets more and more pervasive and unwilling to bend, as that revenue is now needed in order to sustain the new enforcement division.

9) The additional enforcement makes the division continue to grow in size and with that growth comes even more enforcement.

Do you see the problem?

By the way, the regulation used as an example is not fictional.  How many computer repair technicians would be aware of this requirement, and even if they were, how many were actually qualified under Texas law to obtain a private investigators license?  After all, To get that license, you are required to have a degree in criminal justice or perform a three-year apprenticeship under a licensed private investigator.  All to fix computers?  It looks to me that some poor person who paid for their education as a computer repair technician would lose their investment in time and money overnight with such a regulation.

So how many of these crazy regulations pop up that destroy the careers of hard working Americans?  More than you would care to know.

“Regulated out of business” represents a growing cause of business failure in the USA.  Why is it so important for government to create this landscape?  Why is small business such a threat to government?  I don’t know either.  What this phenomena is creating is the environment that destroys lives for good.

If the only opportunities to support one’s family come from government or large businesses, and these entities exclude employment of a person with a record, and more and more Americans are getting criminal records due to excessive laws, regulations and enforcement  (So far one out of four Americans now have criminal records), how are we to continue as a nation?  What happens when one in two Americans have records… or two out of three…?

Something needs to happen.  What needs to happen is the elimination of the majority of regulations, as well as the elimination of laws which create crimes with no victims. At this point, ignorance of the law is a real excuse.  Once we reached the point that legislators are not aware of all the laws, we also reached the point that the people are held to a higher standard than those who actually create the laws.

All of this is a symptom of the real problem.  Growth of government is directly proportional to reduction of personal freedom.  I think its a good bet that the founding fathers did not include this in their plan for a nation of liberty and in which the people were also their government.

Take the profit out of government and curb excessive enforcement!

It recently occurred to me that the reason for so much enforcement is more than simply having too many restrictive laws.  Like many wise people have stated before…  It’s all about the cash!

Looking at traffic enforcement, regulatory enforcement, criminal enforcement and more, there is a common denominator.  The agencies that go after us all have a financial motivation.  We all know about speed traps.  What is so ironic about speed traps is that while the argument from the government is that traffic enforcement is that it is all about safety, their actions not only speak louder than their words, their actions actually prove that their words are disingenuous at best. Also, why would troopers vehicles be unmarked unless they are in it for the money?  If safety was an issue, they would be marked to encourage us all to better obey traffic laws.

Take the examples of Frisco Texas… Houston Texas… Olathe Kansas…  Ellisville Missouri,… and many other jurisdictions that clearly prove that traffic enforcement is more about the money than about safety.  People warning others about an upcoming speed trap have been cited or arrested.  If it was really about safety, than the authorities would appreciate those warning others because they will slow down and according to the authorities, that is safer.  They do not appreciate the safety because when it comes down to it, the money is all that matters.

The same is true with regulatory agencies that fine business people and get to keep the money.  Criminal prosecutions that result on fines also create a profit for government.

So how can we reign in government that is essentially demanding protection money via overzealous enforcement?  Perhaps if there was no financial gain, the enforcement might be more reasonable.

As President, I can use the bully pulpit to encourage people of all states to create propositions which make any fines generated by government never be payable to government.  If the voters required all fines be paid to a charity with tax exempt status, then I believe that enforcement would be as the people intended, and not looking for a quick buck from as many people as possible.  Not to mention…  if the resources of local policing agencies were not directed to generating revenue, it might just free up the police to work toward solving and deterring actual crimes.

Also, recognizing the fact that not all jurisdictions will choose to vote out the “protection money” practices of local governments, the Department of Justice (which would be fully audited and redirected to constitutionally acceptable activities under my leadership) can look into RICO style charges for local governments that abuse their authority against individuals in the style of organized crime.

Government should not be a profit center for anyone.  When regulators levy huge fines and receive the money themselves, this creates a rather serious conflict of interest.  Civil asset forfeiture is another prime example of profit in government, against the people.

To me, it seems that the only way to redirect enforcement to a more reasonable level is to remove the financial incentive.  I encourage the people of every state to begin writing initiatives for the vote that requires any fines to be paid to charity or injured victims, and never to any government entity.

This is just one of many ways that I propose the people take back our country.

It’s all about life!

Campaigns are difficult, tiring and can be frustrating at times.  They are expensive, and while the goal is to make for a better country,  there are those who are naturally skeptical, insulting, and downright demoralizing.

So why press on when adversity is so pervasive, and the odds are astronomical?

Because we cannot allow adversity to stop us from doing what we believe is right.

When you think about it,  the Libertarian movement is so much more than pressing for individual liberty and smart use of tax dollars.

This is about Life!

If one were to ask anyone else about the meaning of life, there would be myriad answers.  Many answers would be based upon religious philosophy, others would describe deep and creative philosophy, and still others will present a more shallow yet simplistic answer.

Besides… What right does a political group have to pronounce that their platform and practice has anything to do with more than political power and control?  The Libertarian Party can actually make this statement, and it is absolutely true.

Republicans are very good at telling you what is immoral to them.  They are good at telling you that you cannot use substances that they believe you should not use.  Democrats are busy telling us we cannot do the things we want to do because we can be hurt doing them.  Truthfully, they have different ways of saying the same things…  That our bodies do not belong to us, and we do not have the right to use them as we feel we want to.

The libertarian movement is about personal liberty, yes.  But what does that relate to?  I believe that it relates to the most basic yet monumental issue…  LIFE!  In this case, there is a relationship between politics and the most basic needs of people.  When people are given dominion over their lives, then their lives have a better potential to be lived to the fullest extent.

Most people want to make choices about their activities.  Libertarians want people to make these choices, just as long as these choices do not harm others.  Isn’t this really the meaning of life?  It has been said that we should live our lives to the fullest, yet Republicans and Democrats have essentially done all they can to stop us from doing just that.

So why work so hard, even with skepticism, attacks and personal insults?

Because there is a greater good in doing all we can to make this country better for us all, and all generations to come.  The framework of our country was built by people who had great vision, and had paid attention to the world in their day.  Their intelligence and perspective were shocking.

If they can build our framework so masterfully, it is up to us to maintain their vision, and that vision is what allows us all the opportunity to really live life.  All of us are capable of something, and that something is likely much more than we allow ourselves to believe that we are capable of doing.  Nothing worthwhile is easy.  To do all we can to keep the facility in place for people to live their lives to the fullest is the most noble activity of all.

If we can make our country better, and our people happier because they have true liberty, its worth all the other hurdles one thousand times over.  So, while there are good days and more challenging days, I will continue to do all I can to bring the chance for personal liberty to us all, and for many generations to come.

How is it possible that some people resent the Bill of Rights?

Recently, I heard a rather surprising anti-constitution rant.  The person was stating with vigor that the constitution was not something he agreed to, and should not apply to him.

This is scary to me for so many reasons!

The mere fact that this person does not realize that the Bill of Rights is supposed to be his defense against the government is a symptom of a much, much bigger problem.  What this type of argument shows me is also the reason why it is so difficult to get people to abandon the major parties for a solution that is much more likely to allow them the liberty to fulfill their wants, their needs, and their dreams.

In so many ways, we have become a nation of misinformation.  Clearly this has to be true, because millions upon millions of Americans back up their choices with incorrect information, and constantly mischaracterize those with views that do not match their own.

Ignorance is proudly displayed on political websites every day.

People back up their contentions with statements that are simply flat out wrong. The complete ignorance of the benefit of the Bill of Rights to each American, to the point that it is now an annoyance to some should ring alarm bells in us all.  Have we reached the point that people are willing to accept the twisted interpretations of our rights and freedoms, so that the Government can trample us all with our eyes wide open?

To me, this represents a very serious “Dumbing Down”…  So serious that it threatens the very fiber of our nation.  Do some people not see that more government control of everything in our lives leads us to the same road as the old Soviet Union?  If one were to make this point to the uneducated, they would most certainly scoff at the notion.

So…  In this world of snap political judgement and acceptance of the Republicans or Democrats no matter what they say or do, is there a way to bring personal liberty back to the forefront of the discussion, in a non-reactionary forum?  There is, but people need to re-open their minds (and their history books) to understand where this nation came from.

The only political party that is truly trying to accomplish this is the Libertarian Party.  While the Democrats attempt to brand themselves as the party of personal freedom , they lose all credibility in their never ending attempts to grow government via regulation and to legislate away the rights of all based upon the actions of a few.  While the Republicans claim to stand for freedom, their version of freedom is a very limited scope as well.

Recently,  I made a statement which went viral regarding the similar results of both major parties.  The statement was, ” If we left it up to the Republicans, your bedroom would have cameras for moral reasons.  If we left it up to the Democrats, your bedroom would have cameras so you won’t get hurt.  Either way, there would be cameras in your bedroom.”

While many people agreed with this statement, there were those so entrenched in the Republican or Democratic parties that were so incensed at the possibility that the results of both parties were pretty much the same, they fought back with insults.

For more clarification, the Republican party has many folks that believe that the only morals that are correct are their morals, and that they have the right to enforce their morals on everybody else, regardless of the opinions or situations of those who do no subscribe to the same set of morals.  There are still laws on the books in several states that make certain sexual acts between consenting adults illegal, and there are those who still want to enforce these laws.  Hence, the cameras in your bedroom would be there to enforce a moral code.

The Democratic Party has many folks that believe that the government is there to protect us from ourselves.  So they have their own type of prohibition which ranges from guns to pitbulls and everything in between… and they want to take your money for the purpose of protecting you from yourself.  If one person found that a certain sexual activity was causing injuries, then a crusade to prohibit that activity, including camera enforcement in your bedroom could begin.

So, to those who believe that the other party is so different from yours, take this as an example that even though they may speak differently…. the result is exactly the same.  This result is not a result that anyone who wants to live their life in peace and liberty would appreciate.

If you want to get away from this trap, pay attention to the realities of what the two major parties do every day.  Once this becomes clear to you, you will see that the Libertarians are the people to support, assuming you want the ability to make your own choices in your life.

Getting the American voter to update their resume

The campaign marches on.

What has been occurring to me recently is the frustrating spot of understanding that your position is truly what people want, but getting others to recognize that is extremely difficult. The majority of American voters still define themselves politically as Democrats and Republicans.  When they describe their desires, they are almost all Libertarians.

When you ask people, the vast majority will agree that people should have the liberty to do whatever they want, as long as they do not hurt another.  Most people also agree that they would prefer to keep the fruits of their labor.  Basically, that is Libertarianism.

So if you go on and ask their political affiliation, while more and more people are rejecting the two major parties, you will hear plenty of responses reflecting the major parties…  The interesting part is that when they are asked why they support these parties, they really don’t know.  Some may quote a few bumper sticker points that are really not accurate.  Some will make intelligent arguments but completely overlook the fact that their position more closely matches the Libertarian position.

In my opinion, better than 70% of Americans would support much of the Libertarian platform if they thought it belonged to the Democrats or Republicans.  So what will it take for people to make this recognition of themselves and bring a significant improvement to the people of our country?

I believe it will take clear and simple comparisons, lots of advertising, lots of personal contacts, and a huge amount of news.  The fact is…  The Democrats and Republicans already know this.  This is why they work so hard to consolidate the money and power to their parties.  After all.. they really are pretty much the same even though most people think they are vastly different.

Why is it that third parties do not tend to show up on national news shows or debates?  The answer is that the money of the two major parties protects their own interests.  Also, people like to be with a winner, so they support the losers in charge.

In my opinion, 2016 will be a breakout year for the Libertarian Party.  We will have a major showing in the General Election, and no matter how hard the Democrats and Republicans try to keep us from being seen, people are getting very sick of them.   A Bush vs Clinton race would be terrific for us because America is pretty sick of both family dynasties.

So how do we get American voters to update their resumes to the Libertarian Party?  Make sure that they all know that their political beliefs are more with us than anybody else.  That will take money and perseverance but I am more convinced than ever that we are on our way to bringing the country back to the people.

If government were to get out of the way, it would help more than just business…

Police served up a hot mess for Joan Cheever of San Antonio Texas this week, charging her a $2,000 fine…  Her crime?  Feeding the hungry a hot meal.

A big part of my platform is to move the safety net for people in need away from taxation and government management, to the people who have the urge to help out.  The heinous act of fining a good Samaritan for feeding the needy is unforgivable.  More than that, it shows that the true motivation of today’s government is to increase their power and reach by removing common sense from the enforcement of the myriad laws in force today…  Laws that collect the cash from the pockets of the citizens and place it into the hands of government.

If laws were to be enforced in an even handed fashion, using common sense and in the best interests of all people, these problems would not happen.  But in this world of enforcement above all else, thousands of people just living their lives are damaged by government entities, to no benefit other than publicizing their effectiveness.

As President, I will stop these abuses on the Federal level, and strongly encourage the states to embark on a similar reform.  Without such reform, we as a nation will create more and more “victims”, who are supported en masse by taxation, and more “criminals” who hurt no one.

The City of San Antonio should be congratulating the efforts of Joan Cheever, and encouraging more citizens to step up and help others as well.  I see the problem.  If millions of people like Ms. Cheever were to  follow their hearts and help the needy when they need a leg up, the problem of hunger and homelessness might be better managed without government intervention.  That would be very inconvenient for those who wield power over the taxpayers and those receiving help.

Picture this scenario…  No tax dollars are used to feed the hungry, or to assist and educate the homeless to provide for themselves, so long as they are physically and mentally capable of doing so.  People step forward to solve the problem with kindness.  All kinds of groups, including businesses, fraternal organizations, churches, and individuals have the freedom to form more and more ways to assist the needy, without the watchful eye and iron fist of government getting in the way.  The overall mood of people in our country turns from helpless to hopeful.

Because people would be helping people without thousands of laws and regulations getting in the way, those who need help have a better chance of pulling themselves out of their situations.  Remember the old adage, “Give a man a fish, and you gave him a meal…  Teach a man to fish, and he can eat for a lifetime”? Government gives a fish, and makes a million rules about how to eat it.  People will teach others to fish, and make lives better for millions.

As President, I will not ignore those in need.  I will pave the way for good hearted Americans to be able to help others without government being in the way.

One of the biggest arguments against our platform is the incorrect view that we are selfish, because we don’t believe in income tax or excessive government.  This is a significant misconception, because we still believe that there is good in people, and we do not have to be forced to pay taxes to support the needy.

The example of Joan Cheever clearly illustrates our point.

It is excessive government that stands in the way of making a better life for all Americans.  Whether you have a small business that is being destroyed by regulation, an altruistic goal of helping humankind that is being destroyed by bureaucracy, or are in need of temporary help due to hardship and law enforcement attempts to stop those who are intent on helping you, it is the people that make improvement a reality.

If you might remember, our government was supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people.  As time has gone by, a more accurate description of where we have progressed is that government is now:  Over the people,  to the people, and around the people.

Let’s allow the people the liberty to make choices to pursue our dreams, and re-awaken the vision of the founding fathers.  Getting government out of the way is the key to achieving that dream.  The time is now to get back on the right track. tomorrow will be too late.