Want to improve the world? Start by not alienating your audience!

It is apparent that we the people took our eye off the ball, and it rolled right past us.

Somewhere along the way, we became more interested in our small personal universe than what was going on around us.

The quality of our cell phone became paramount to us. What kind of car we drive took our focus. What our next door neighbor was doing in the privacy of their home took so much of our time that we neglected to notice what was happening to us all.
Over time, things change. Music styles, clothing styles, methods of communication, education, products and services change. This is natural.

All the while, as we are focusing with outrage over the fact that our neighbor kept open their garage door in an HOA community which prohibits this, the neighbor kid who skateboards where he is not supposed to, the house across the street that needs the lawn to be mowed… the powers that we trust to manage our affairs on a larger scale have been stealing from us, building an infrastructure to watch us and punish us, making deals with industry to kill people around the world that to not pose a threat to us, and fool us into believing that this ruling class is conflicted with a huge divide between the political parties that claim to be different but in the end are the same where it really counts.

So, let us establish priorities:

1) Which is more important to you… that the garage door is open where the HOA says it must remain closed, or that government is taking more money from you in more creative ways than ever, to spend on things you do not want?

2) Which is more important to you… that the neighbor kid is riding his skateboard or that we are paying people to monitor and imprison us for victimless activities?

3) Which is more important to you… that the next door neighbor is smoking a joint while watching a movie in their living room, or that your elected officials are making more and more enemies while lying to you about the motivation of those that they are ordering our military to kill?

4) Which is more important to you… that minor philosophical difference between you and the person within your team, or having the ability to actually focus on the big problem and stand together to correct it?

The ability to provide communication to the masses which gives them true recognition of the realities of the country is crucial to gaining their support for correcting those seemingly insurmountable situations which were the result of a small ruling class instead of the implementation of the wants and needs of the people.

Example: If you were comfortably experiencing the reverie of your government controlled education, and I provided you the following list which was designed to enlighten you and bring you to a new way of thinking… what would be the result?

1) Do unto others as you would have done to you.
2) A peaceful life is a happy and satisfied life.
3) It is good for you to work hard and make a good living.
4) Inventions which solve problems are necessary and helpful.
5) Learning is essential to living a better life.
6) It is important to understand history so that we do not repeat mistakes.
7) Killing and stealing are examples of bad behavior.
8) Your religion is wrong and you are an idiot for believing such utter nonsense.

It should be obvious that people will follow along, mostly feeling positive emotions on items 1-7. But what happens when they read #8? Simple… they would be so upset about #8 that they will completely ignore #1-7. While you have spent 87.5% of your efforts to a positive result, which would have opened up the possibility of this person joining you in your endeavors… that last 12.5% negated your entire effort.

This is why the quality of communication is imperative to political success.

People for the most part are comfortable in their political viewpoints. While they are open to something new that can improve their situations, that one miscue can ruin the entire effort. “Open mouth… insert foot” is not a successful strategy, just as it is not a largely successful strategy to insult those you want to invite to join you for the purpose of instituting change.

I am committed to reigning in the monster that we call government, especially with regard to unfair, unnecessary and overzealous enforcement against our citizens, and the citizens of the world. I cannot achieve this if I refer to those who do not yet see what is crystal clear to me in insulting and demeaning terms.
At some point (and I believe that we have already reached that point) the enforcement arms of government have unfairly afflicted the majority of the voting public. This is the tipping point where the people will be willing to stand up against the monster that was created right under our noses, while we were paying attention to a kid skateboarding and that is where our time and attention was spent.

If you are desirous of implementing change for the better, and you need help from the people to accomplish this goal, it is important to take the views, perceptions, and desires of your audience into account before attempting to communicate in terms that will result in the opposite of your end goal.

Perhaps it is true that we the people let this one get away, but we the people can also get it back if we do it intelligently.

Respect… not insult.
Ask… not lecture.
Inspire… not attack.

If you truly want to accomplish what you have identified as necessary, common sense is a great moderator.


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