Why are GOP Presidential Candidates ignoring history and the first amendment?

Identification badges or special registrations and databases for Muslims? Closing Mosques?  Calling refugees “rabid dogs”? Denying refugees because they are not Christian?  Enough is enough!!!

Those of us who remain mindful of the value of the knowledge of history recognize that knowledge of history is crucial to avoid repeating errors of the past.   Unfortunately, Republican politicians seem to believe that the way to gain power is to spew hatred and breed fear and to repeat past atrocities.

The lack of consideration for the first amendment is nothing new to a large wing of the Republican Party, which makes almost daily attempts to make laws respecting an establishment of religion.  Today, they recommend limiting rights of and singling out members of religion for persecution.

Historically, the name badges should remind the people of the tactics of Adolf Hitler in WWII.  The Japanese Internment Camps that the US instituted during WWII, were a violation of the constitution and punished Americans of Japanese descent.  Today, the mood against Muslims mirrors the paranoia against Japanese Americans in WWII.

Just as many Japanese Americans fought in the US Military at that time, there are many Muslims that are members of the US Armed forces, and many have fought and died alongside Christians, Jews, and more in the US, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

We as Americans need to stop looking for labels and easy answers that punish huge populations due to the actions of a few.  Those who kill under the guise of religious direction are not new to the world.  Most major religions have had these groups in their history, but the reality is that these killers are not a religion.. they are a violent gang.  Observers of most religions would not seek to destroy that which their creator has made, in the name of their creator.

Should we take away all the guns from Americans, because a few people use them destructively?  No.  Should we classify persons of every religion as a threat because a few people from that religion committed murders? No.  It is this fear and paranoia that some people feed on that promotes the villianization of entire segments of society due to the actions of a few, and leaders that promote these tactics attempt to lead by fear.  In my opinion, those who lead by fear, intimidation, and misinformation are not leaders.

The first amendment makes it clear that the right to practice a religion is a protected activity in the USA.  No laws can be made which prohibits an individual to practice the religion of their choice, or no religion at all.  A candidate for President of the United States should not be spewing hate and fear!  A Candidate for President of the United States of all people should be informed and mindful of the constitution that they would be sworn to preserve, protect and defend should they prevail in the Presidential Election!

We have received a threat from a gang that resides half way around the world.  We need to deal with that threat in a way that does not violate our constitution, create more hate and more fear, and does not build another worldwide scapegoat for our government to target that supports the industries that profit from war.   This battle can be won internally by vigilance and preparedness.

We cannot let government continue to try to take away our rights of self defense.  We cannot let government represent members of an entire religion as “terrorists”.  If we want a more peaceful world, we need to stop bombing other countries.  We need to recognize that people around the world should not be forced to embrace our ideologies.  We need to recognize that the motivation of many politicians is rarely as stated.

As fellow Presidential Candidates, I call on these potential leaders to stop stirring the pot of hatred.  I call on them to be mindful of history.  I call on them to act under the constraints of the constitution…  and I call on them to act Presidential.  A good leader inspires confidence.. not fear.


2 thoughts on “Why are GOP Presidential Candidates ignoring history and the first amendment?

  1. Thank you, sir. I apologize in advance for the comments you are about to receive from those who pretend to be libertarians, yet clearly have no idea what it means.


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