City Government holding the roads hostage for more cash!

This issue strikes close to home…  It is actually happening in my home town of Colorado Springs, CO.   For those who have visited our fair city recently, one thing should be quite apparent… Our roads are in a terrible state of disrepair.  One person I spoke with recently compared the quality of our roads with the quality of the roads in Russia.. a country he left only 5 months prior to our conversation.

Colorado Springs has money.  As a matter of fact, on the ballot for our current election, there is an issue in which $3 Million of surplus is being voted on regarding whether or not it should be refunded, or if it should be kept and spent on our local parks.  At the same time, another measure on the same ballot calls for a large sales tax increase that is proposed to pay for the roads.  So the obvious question is…  if the roads were maintained properly in the past, and there was no applicable tax cut in recent years… why have our roads gone to the poor quality that they are today?

How about extortion?  This city had other opportunities to generate additional revenue if needed.  After all, the voters of Colorado passed a measure that allowed for the recreational use of marijuana, and a large associated tax.  The Colorado Springs city council chose to ignore the will of the voters in not allowing this cash crop to be sold in Colorado Springs and instead they chose to withhold services for the purpose of adding a new tax.  Local car repair shops have reported an increase in broken rims, and new tire purchases are up to 300% of normal in the past year, all due to the shoddy road conditions currently being experienced here.

It appears that the powers that be simply decided to stop repairing the roads for the purpose of holding the voters hostage by making the voters feel that there was no option but to succumb to these machinations of city government.  While I can understand the desperation of some people in the desire to have better roads, this is a crucial moment in not only Colorado Springs.  It sets a precedent for other jurisdictions around the country to hold services hostage for the purpose of generating additional tax revenue.

While the outcome of this election will not be known for over a week, this abomination has not gone unnoticed by everyone.  There are many who have taken notice of this situation, and have worked tirelessly to point out the truth of the situation.  If we allow this attempt at extortion against the people to be successful, one can count on seeing this type of situation all across this country. While it would be nice for the city council to choose to do what is right, sadly they will not unless we stand up against their plan.  If the voters are successful in thwarting this transparent attempt to commandeer more money from the people without following through on the people’s wishes, it might just send a message nationwide that we expect our elected officials to perform in the way we desire, rather than whatever silent goals they may have that are for personal reasons.

As a candidate for President of the United States, I more commonly write about issues that affect the entire nation.  While this is an issue that is happening in a specific city, it is important to note that any such malfeasance that occurs successfully at the city level can quickly spread across the country, resulting in a national epidemic.  I encourage all people from coast to coast to be watchful for these types of situations, as they are detrimental to the interests of those of us who foot the bill for these types of shenanigans.

If you want to be part of a group that is always watchful for situations like this, I encourage you to join your local Libertarian Party, and consistently vote Libertarian.  We the people still have the opportunity to take the reins of our nation back from the corruption sponsored by Republicans and Democrats, and we can do so at the ballot box.  Do not waste your vote by sustaining the mess created by these old parties.  Use it wisely by voting Libertarian and reviving our nation back to the structure planned for so brilliantly by the founders of this nation.


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