An open letter to all lawmakers and policymakers in the USA – STOP BANNING STUFF!!!!

To whom it may concern;

It was recently reported that e-cigarettes have been banned from all non smoking areas of our national parks.  Seriously???  The reason for the non-smoking areas was to prevent a fire hazard.  At what point did vapor ever cause a fire?  Wasn’t this due to some deeper reason?  I thought that the ban on smoking would apply to items with… um… SMOKE????

According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of “Liberty” includes:

1 :  the quality or state of being free:
a :  the power to do as one pleases
b :  freedom from physical restraint
c :  freedom from arbitrary or despotic control
d :  the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges
e :  the power of choice
Have you lost the perspective of the founding of this nation as a nation of Liberty?
At what point in American History did it become apparent to you that the component of liberty was no longer necessary?   Over the years, government has banned untold numbers of personal activities that should be the personal choice of individuals.  It’s like they think that your body belongs to them.  I have heard it said that your body belongs to you, or some believe that it belongs to God… but the State?  I think not. The State has banned the consumption of everything from haggis to a large soda. It has banned various sexual activities between consenting adults.  It bans many imports, substances, personal decisions, and myriad activities with one overriding theme..  All of these items that have been banned are items which affect no one other than the person or persons who chooses them.
Why do you ban things?  Because they violate the morals of your religion?  If so, have you read the first amendment?  Perhaps there are others with a different religion than you that have a different set of morals.  Perhaps there are people who share your religion that interpret the morals differently.  Perhaps there are people who do not worship any religion, and should not be subject to your rules in their lives.
Do you ban things because you are trying to protect people from their own choices so that they don’t hurt themselves, gain weight, or the like?  Where in the constitution does it say that the State is the people’s Mommy???   I’m sorry but I see nothing of the sort in my reading of the constitution…
Do you ban things to support the desires of a special interest at the expense of your constituents?  Did somebody just yell… “BINGO” !?!
The tobacco industry has been seeing people actually be successful in quitting smoking with the use of these e-cigarettes.  In addition, they are far less noticeable to non-smokers than the real thing.  Motive?  Perhaps…
Several recent polls have shown that a majority of Americans want government to stop banning the things they like, want to consume or want to do.  Watch out regulators and law makers…  This type of majority can and will vote you out of office if you fail to listen.  I personally think that’s a really good thing..  we all know you will not act in the interests of your constituents… so I say to you all… farewell.. good bye.. au revior… adios…  so long…
These types of activities ensure one thing once you are gone.  Libertarians will be the majority of lawmakers.  Since this will benefit our nation more than any other political solution, I want to thank you for your corruption, control, deception, manipulation, and complete failure…   without this, we could never have had the opportunity to allow for the liberty that was the vision of the birth of our nation.
More American voters than you realize

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