The Liberty Movement will prevail!!!

Get ready America!  More than half of all voters now do not identify with either the Republicans or the Democrats!  The Libertarian Party is the fastest growing political party in the USA.  What this means to me is that there is a definite shift toward individual liberty and a solid recognition of the fact that the old parties do not serve anyone but themselves.  A major shift to Libertarianism is real, its now and its happening!

Sure, the major news networks still keep the Libertarian candidates out of the limelight, but I can tell you from personal experience that more and more mass media participants are looking to include Libertarians in their coverage.  I have been contacted by Television producers, major radio networks, international publishers and more to be interviewed and featured in their publications and broadcasts.

Many have agreed that it is time for the Libertarian Party candidates to share the media with the old parties, and that it is their goal to feature additional candidates that have not been featured in previous years.

What this means is that the Libertarian platform and candidates will actually be presented to the American voters.  Once our message is heard by the majority of Americans, they will understand the simplicity and strength of our message.  Our core belief is that it is wrong to hurt others and it is wrong to acquire their belongings without their consent.  This is a principle that is hard to argue with, and relates to the entire goals of the Liberty movement.

I firmly believe that once the blockade of the message of Liberty is removed from mass media, the majority of Americans will identify as Libertarians, and the long road of political mischief and abuse will be redirected toward a finite march toward liberty.  So long Democratic and Republican party domination of the American political system!  Welcome a real path to the American Dream and a more peaceful world.  Welcome a real path to individual choice.  Welcome a real path to the ability for the individual to do what they believe is right for themselves without government intervention.  Welcome a real path to a better nation with true hope for our children and grandchildren.

To all the people who wish for a rebirth of a nation closer to the vision of the forefathers, we are getting close!  All of us have a duty to ourselves and our nation to do one thing…  when we enter the voting booth, ignore your trepidation about not voting for a Republican or a Democrat.  Ignore what you have been told about wanting to vote for who you think will win.  Ignore the fear of what you have been told by the old parties in their quest to retain control.

Think of who you love the most, and how you want to help them by allowing them real choice… real promise..  real liberty.  Vote for the Libertarian candidate every time, because that is the only way your voice will be heard, and a real difference can be made for the one you love to have a chance to live their life the way they really want to live it.  Your vote means everything to the future of the ones you love, and the ones you will love but have not met yet.

If we all follow our hearts and not the programming of the old parties, the best really is yet to come.


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