Take the profit out of government and curb excessive enforcement!

It recently occurred to me that the reason for so much enforcement is more than simply having too many restrictive laws.  Like many wise people have stated before…  It’s all about the cash!

Looking at traffic enforcement, regulatory enforcement, criminal enforcement and more, there is a common denominator.  The agencies that go after us all have a financial motivation.  We all know about speed traps.  What is so ironic about speed traps is that while the argument from the government is that traffic enforcement is that it is all about safety, their actions not only speak louder than their words, their actions actually prove that their words are disingenuous at best. Also, why would troopers vehicles be unmarked unless they are in it for the money?  If safety was an issue, they would be marked to encourage us all to better obey traffic laws.

Take the examples of Frisco Texas… Houston Texas… Olathe Kansas…  Ellisville Missouri,… and many other jurisdictions that clearly prove that traffic enforcement is more about the money than about safety.  People warning others about an upcoming speed trap have been cited or arrested.  If it was really about safety, than the authorities would appreciate those warning others because they will slow down and according to the authorities, that is safer.  They do not appreciate the safety because when it comes down to it, the money is all that matters.

The same is true with regulatory agencies that fine business people and get to keep the money.  Criminal prosecutions that result on fines also create a profit for government.

So how can we reign in government that is essentially demanding protection money via overzealous enforcement?  Perhaps if there was no financial gain, the enforcement might be more reasonable.

As President, I can use the bully pulpit to encourage people of all states to create propositions which make any fines generated by government never be payable to government.  If the voters required all fines be paid to a charity with tax exempt status, then I believe that enforcement would be as the people intended, and not looking for a quick buck from as many people as possible.  Not to mention…  if the resources of local policing agencies were not directed to generating revenue, it might just free up the police to work toward solving and deterring actual crimes.

Also, recognizing the fact that not all jurisdictions will choose to vote out the “protection money” practices of local governments, the Department of Justice (which would be fully audited and redirected to constitutionally acceptable activities under my leadership) can look into RICO style charges for local governments that abuse their authority against individuals in the style of organized crime.

Government should not be a profit center for anyone.  When regulators levy huge fines and receive the money themselves, this creates a rather serious conflict of interest.  Civil asset forfeiture is another prime example of profit in government, against the people.

To me, it seems that the only way to redirect enforcement to a more reasonable level is to remove the financial incentive.  I encourage the people of every state to begin writing initiatives for the vote that requires any fines to be paid to charity or injured victims, and never to any government entity.

This is just one of many ways that I propose the people take back our country.


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