It’s all about life!

Campaigns are difficult, tiring and can be frustrating at times.  They are expensive, and while the goal is to make for a better country,  there are those who are naturally skeptical, insulting, and downright demoralizing.

So why press on when adversity is so pervasive, and the odds are astronomical?

Because we cannot allow adversity to stop us from doing what we believe is right.

When you think about it,  the Libertarian movement is so much more than pressing for individual liberty and smart use of tax dollars.

This is about Life!

If one were to ask anyone else about the meaning of life, there would be myriad answers.  Many answers would be based upon religious philosophy, others would describe deep and creative philosophy, and still others will present a more shallow yet simplistic answer.

Besides… What right does a political group have to pronounce that their platform and practice has anything to do with more than political power and control?  The Libertarian Party can actually make this statement, and it is absolutely true.

Republicans are very good at telling you what is immoral to them.  They are good at telling you that you cannot use substances that they believe you should not use.  Democrats are busy telling us we cannot do the things we want to do because we can be hurt doing them.  Truthfully, they have different ways of saying the same things…  That our bodies do not belong to us, and we do not have the right to use them as we feel we want to.

The libertarian movement is about personal liberty, yes.  But what does that relate to?  I believe that it relates to the most basic yet monumental issue…  LIFE!  In this case, there is a relationship between politics and the most basic needs of people.  When people are given dominion over their lives, then their lives have a better potential to be lived to the fullest extent.

Most people want to make choices about their activities.  Libertarians want people to make these choices, just as long as these choices do not harm others.  Isn’t this really the meaning of life?  It has been said that we should live our lives to the fullest, yet Republicans and Democrats have essentially done all they can to stop us from doing just that.

So why work so hard, even with skepticism, attacks and personal insults?

Because there is a greater good in doing all we can to make this country better for us all, and all generations to come.  The framework of our country was built by people who had great vision, and had paid attention to the world in their day.  Their intelligence and perspective were shocking.

If they can build our framework so masterfully, it is up to us to maintain their vision, and that vision is what allows us all the opportunity to really live life.  All of us are capable of something, and that something is likely much more than we allow ourselves to believe that we are capable of doing.  Nothing worthwhile is easy.  To do all we can to keep the facility in place for people to live their lives to the fullest is the most noble activity of all.

If we can make our country better, and our people happier because they have true liberty, its worth all the other hurdles one thousand times over.  So, while there are good days and more challenging days, I will continue to do all I can to bring the chance for personal liberty to us all, and for many generations to come.


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