How is it possible that some people resent the Bill of Rights?

Recently, I heard a rather surprising anti-constitution rant.  The person was stating with vigor that the constitution was not something he agreed to, and should not apply to him.

This is scary to me for so many reasons!

The mere fact that this person does not realize that the Bill of Rights is supposed to be his defense against the government is a symptom of a much, much bigger problem.  What this type of argument shows me is also the reason why it is so difficult to get people to abandon the major parties for a solution that is much more likely to allow them the liberty to fulfill their wants, their needs, and their dreams.

In so many ways, we have become a nation of misinformation.  Clearly this has to be true, because millions upon millions of Americans back up their choices with incorrect information, and constantly mischaracterize those with views that do not match their own.

Ignorance is proudly displayed on political websites every day.

People back up their contentions with statements that are simply flat out wrong. The complete ignorance of the benefit of the Bill of Rights to each American, to the point that it is now an annoyance to some should ring alarm bells in us all.  Have we reached the point that people are willing to accept the twisted interpretations of our rights and freedoms, so that the Government can trample us all with our eyes wide open?

To me, this represents a very serious “Dumbing Down”…  So serious that it threatens the very fiber of our nation.  Do some people not see that more government control of everything in our lives leads us to the same road as the old Soviet Union?  If one were to make this point to the uneducated, they would most certainly scoff at the notion.

So…  In this world of snap political judgement and acceptance of the Republicans or Democrats no matter what they say or do, is there a way to bring personal liberty back to the forefront of the discussion, in a non-reactionary forum?  There is, but people need to re-open their minds (and their history books) to understand where this nation came from.

The only political party that is truly trying to accomplish this is the Libertarian Party.  While the Democrats attempt to brand themselves as the party of personal freedom , they lose all credibility in their never ending attempts to grow government via regulation and to legislate away the rights of all based upon the actions of a few.  While the Republicans claim to stand for freedom, their version of freedom is a very limited scope as well.

Recently,  I made a statement which went viral regarding the similar results of both major parties.  The statement was, ” If we left it up to the Republicans, your bedroom would have cameras for moral reasons.  If we left it up to the Democrats, your bedroom would have cameras so you won’t get hurt.  Either way, there would be cameras in your bedroom.”

While many people agreed with this statement, there were those so entrenched in the Republican or Democratic parties that were so incensed at the possibility that the results of both parties were pretty much the same, they fought back with insults.

For more clarification, the Republican party has many folks that believe that the only morals that are correct are their morals, and that they have the right to enforce their morals on everybody else, regardless of the opinions or situations of those who do no subscribe to the same set of morals.  There are still laws on the books in several states that make certain sexual acts between consenting adults illegal, and there are those who still want to enforce these laws.  Hence, the cameras in your bedroom would be there to enforce a moral code.

The Democratic Party has many folks that believe that the government is there to protect us from ourselves.  So they have their own type of prohibition which ranges from guns to pitbulls and everything in between… and they want to take your money for the purpose of protecting you from yourself.  If one person found that a certain sexual activity was causing injuries, then a crusade to prohibit that activity, including camera enforcement in your bedroom could begin.

So, to those who believe that the other party is so different from yours, take this as an example that even though they may speak differently…. the result is exactly the same.  This result is not a result that anyone who wants to live their life in peace and liberty would appreciate.

If you want to get away from this trap, pay attention to the realities of what the two major parties do every day.  Once this becomes clear to you, you will see that the Libertarians are the people to support, assuming you want the ability to make your own choices in your life.


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