Getting the American voter to update their resume

The campaign marches on.

What has been occurring to me recently is the frustrating spot of understanding that your position is truly what people want, but getting others to recognize that is extremely difficult. The majority of American voters still define themselves politically as Democrats and Republicans.  When they describe their desires, they are almost all Libertarians.

When you ask people, the vast majority will agree that people should have the liberty to do whatever they want, as long as they do not hurt another.  Most people also agree that they would prefer to keep the fruits of their labor.  Basically, that is Libertarianism.

So if you go on and ask their political affiliation, while more and more people are rejecting the two major parties, you will hear plenty of responses reflecting the major parties…  The interesting part is that when they are asked why they support these parties, they really don’t know.  Some may quote a few bumper sticker points that are really not accurate.  Some will make intelligent arguments but completely overlook the fact that their position more closely matches the Libertarian position.

In my opinion, better than 70% of Americans would support much of the Libertarian platform if they thought it belonged to the Democrats or Republicans.  So what will it take for people to make this recognition of themselves and bring a significant improvement to the people of our country?

I believe it will take clear and simple comparisons, lots of advertising, lots of personal contacts, and a huge amount of news.  The fact is…  The Democrats and Republicans already know this.  This is why they work so hard to consolidate the money and power to their parties.  After all.. they really are pretty much the same even though most people think they are vastly different.

Why is it that third parties do not tend to show up on national news shows or debates?  The answer is that the money of the two major parties protects their own interests.  Also, people like to be with a winner, so they support the losers in charge.

In my opinion, 2016 will be a breakout year for the Libertarian Party.  We will have a major showing in the General Election, and no matter how hard the Democrats and Republicans try to keep us from being seen, people are getting very sick of them.   A Bush vs Clinton race would be terrific for us because America is pretty sick of both family dynasties.

So how do we get American voters to update their resumes to the Libertarian Party?  Make sure that they all know that their political beliefs are more with us than anybody else.  That will take money and perseverance but I am more convinced than ever that we are on our way to bringing the country back to the people.


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