If government were to get out of the way, it would help more than just business…

Police served up a hot mess for Joan Cheever of San Antonio Texas this week, charging her a $2,000 fine…  Her crime?  Feeding the hungry a hot meal.

A big part of my platform is to move the safety net for people in need away from taxation and government management, to the people who have the urge to help out.  The heinous act of fining a good Samaritan for feeding the needy is unforgivable.  More than that, it shows that the true motivation of today’s government is to increase their power and reach by removing common sense from the enforcement of the myriad laws in force today…  Laws that collect the cash from the pockets of the citizens and place it into the hands of government.

If laws were to be enforced in an even handed fashion, using common sense and in the best interests of all people, these problems would not happen.  But in this world of enforcement above all else, thousands of people just living their lives are damaged by government entities, to no benefit other than publicizing their effectiveness.

As President, I will stop these abuses on the Federal level, and strongly encourage the states to embark on a similar reform.  Without such reform, we as a nation will create more and more “victims”, who are supported en masse by taxation, and more “criminals” who hurt no one.

The City of San Antonio should be congratulating the efforts of Joan Cheever, and encouraging more citizens to step up and help others as well.  I see the problem.  If millions of people like Ms. Cheever were to  follow their hearts and help the needy when they need a leg up, the problem of hunger and homelessness might be better managed without government intervention.  That would be very inconvenient for those who wield power over the taxpayers and those receiving help.

Picture this scenario…  No tax dollars are used to feed the hungry, or to assist and educate the homeless to provide for themselves, so long as they are physically and mentally capable of doing so.  People step forward to solve the problem with kindness.  All kinds of groups, including businesses, fraternal organizations, churches, and individuals have the freedom to form more and more ways to assist the needy, without the watchful eye and iron fist of government getting in the way.  The overall mood of people in our country turns from helpless to hopeful.

Because people would be helping people without thousands of laws and regulations getting in the way, those who need help have a better chance of pulling themselves out of their situations.  Remember the old adage, “Give a man a fish, and you gave him a meal…  Teach a man to fish, and he can eat for a lifetime”? Government gives a fish, and makes a million rules about how to eat it.  People will teach others to fish, and make lives better for millions.

As President, I will not ignore those in need.  I will pave the way for good hearted Americans to be able to help others without government being in the way.

One of the biggest arguments against our platform is the incorrect view that we are selfish, because we don’t believe in income tax or excessive government.  This is a significant misconception, because we still believe that there is good in people, and we do not have to be forced to pay taxes to support the needy.

The example of Joan Cheever clearly illustrates our point.

It is excessive government that stands in the way of making a better life for all Americans.  Whether you have a small business that is being destroyed by regulation, an altruistic goal of helping humankind that is being destroyed by bureaucracy, or are in need of temporary help due to hardship and law enforcement attempts to stop those who are intent on helping you, it is the people that make improvement a reality.

If you might remember, our government was supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people.  As time has gone by, a more accurate description of where we have progressed is that government is now:  Over the people,  to the people, and around the people.

Let’s allow the people the liberty to make choices to pursue our dreams, and re-awaken the vision of the founding fathers.  Getting government out of the way is the key to achieving that dream.  The time is now to get back on the right track. tomorrow will be too late.


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