What does liberty mean to you?

The concept of Liberty can mean different things to different people.  To me, Liberty represents the ability for a person to determine one’s own destiny, and the ability for a person to have dominion over their life.

I have used the statement repeatedly, ” Liberty should not be a crime”.

In a society in which the trend is to add laws which restrict personal activities, the choice to participate in activities that affect no one but could be construed as a violation of one law or another, creates more criminals.  My point in making this statement is that if we continue the trend of lawmaking that attacks personal choices, Liberty will be more and more of a criminal activity as the years go by.

Today, the symbol of American Liberty is now a sad reminder of our current priorities.  How far we have veered off the course of the founding fathers…

Having made many trips to New York City in my lifetime, one of my favorite places to visit was consistently the Statue of Liberty.  I remember that it was quite informal for so long.  Board the Ferry to Liberty Island, walk around, climb the steps to the crown if you had the energy and the desire, and it was a relaxing and enjoyable time… a perfect time to reflect on the greatness of our nation and the concepts on which our country was founded.

Today, the very symbol of Liberty must be visited via a process that is ironically the opposite of the symbol.  Tickets must be purchased, sometimes well in advance of the visit.  A large, white security tent with long lines of people adorns Battery Park.  While waiting in those lines, removing shoes and belts airport style, videos are seen on television monitors which speak to liberty and freedom, while the liberty and freedom of the visitors is hampered by the watchful eyes of government.

Once the visitor has successfully navigated the security tent, and is packed like a sardine on the boat to Liberty Island, had they been fortunate enough to obtain a ticket to actually enter the Statue, yet another white security tent stands sentry to anyone who might actually have the government authorization to enter the very symbol of our individual liberty.

This process and rather obvious irony made me very angry.

As Benjamin Franklin so wisely stated centuries ago…

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”

The Statue of Liberty now represents the fact that according to Ben Franklin, we now deserve neither.

Let us reverse this trend.  If we can concentrate on our personal liberties, from rebuilding small business, to the freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights, we can re-open the possibility that our best days are still to come.

The only way that this is possible is to reduce the power of the Democrat and Republican parties, which have worked together to create the downward spiral of personal freedom and personal responsibility.

Vote out the old and in the new, and let’s allow the people to once again be in charge.


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